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Investing Santa Catarina

We are a group of entrepreneurs who complement each other in their professional expertise, and who are passionate about Santa Catarina.

CAZA Comunicação

For almost 20 years in the market, we are a full-service agency where ideas and results live together.

We offer a complete communication for your business, working with brand positioning, campaigns in traditional and digital media, networking actions, events, and much more.

Digital Door

Digital Door started its activities in 2007, when there was an accelerated growth of industries in our city.

Initially located in Perini Business Park, we focused on serving companies in Joinville region. Always acting as a HUB of solutions, we specialized in always offering the newest technologies in the area of infrastructure of data communication, telephony, surveillance and access control.

To meet the demands of the major companies in the region, we always seek partnerships with reference manufacturers, expansion and specialization of the team, we acquire equipment, and we are constantly updating technology. As time went by, we started offering customized solutions for IOT and Data Center. In all areas of operation, we deliver to our customer solutions of excellence from design to execution.

Currently headquartered in Anita Garibaldi neighbourhood in Joinville-SC, Digital Door has fixed working teams in other two cities of the state where it has constant demands. We have focus in the South region, but we act covering all national territory.

Fischer Advocacia

Specialised in national and international business in the following areas of activity:

• Foreign investment in Brazil
• Brazilian investment abroad
• Maquila in Paraguay and Mexico
• EU Funding for innovation and r5enewable energy projects
• International Corporate and Tax Law
• Contracts
• Prospecting and trade flows
• M&A transactions
• Capital Markets
• Global mobility (expatriation)
• Joint ventures
• Research and risk management


We are a strategic intelligence company in Foreign Trade that combines expertise, technology and innovative solutions focused on connecting people, optimizing processes and boosting results.

Our broad portfolio of solutions includes:

  • Logistics Intelligence
  • Customs Intelligence
  • Tax Intelligence
  • Data Intelligence

With over 30 years of tradition, we are a reference in the area and we serve over 200 companies from the most diverse market segments throughout the southern region of Brazil.

iGo Gestão Inteligente

iGO is a pioneer in Santa Catarina in providing a complete and integrated business solution composed of software, advice and accounting.

Always with a personalized service in accounting, personnel department and BPO 4.0 for national and international customers regardless of the system used.

We have extensive knowledge with tax advice and tax benefits that Santa Catarina can offer for new businesses and mainly the verification of taxation, accounting procedures and auditing of tax obligations.

iGO has accounting services in English in Santa Catarina and our team is prepared to report directly to companies abroad with information in English and Portuguese.


Perini Business Park is the largest multi-sector business park in South America. With over 2.8 million square meters of land, located in the Industrial District of Joinville, North of Santa Catarina.

Perini is home to hundreds of small, medium and large national and multinational companies. Several world market leaders are based in the park. The installed companies compose the sectors of metal-mechanic, plastic, automotive, agro-industry, civil construction, electronic, electrical, chemical, logistics, metallurgical, financial, commercial and services.


We are specialists in logistics with quality in what we do and commitment to the promises made.

Our actions are always made looking from the point of view of our clients, valuing the relationship of trust over time. In a context of uncertainty where you face several variables, we seek to provide comfort and tranquility. Count on Poly.

RHBrasil Recursos Humanos

With over 28 years of history, RHBrasil is a company with the purpose of changing people's lives by providing employment opportunities.

Throughout its journey, more than 560,000 professionals were placed and re-placed in the job market. In addition to a strong digital presence, RHBrasil also has a physical structure and technological support to offer the best human resources experience.

RHBrasil serves both national and multinational companies and relies on experience and innovation. Our services are customized to fit the needs of our clients, regardless of the size of the company or the type of operation - whether it is Recruitment and Selection (for CLT - Consolidated Labour Laws - or temporary positions), Outsourcing, Internship Programs and Young Apprentice.

With a top team, we have 5 companies dedicated to delivering solutions in human resources:

  • RHBrasil - Specialist in recruitment and selection and temporary services.
  • OpenJob - Specialist in labour outsourcing projects.
  • Dream Job - Specialist in strategic selection processes, internship and trainee programs, outplacement, assessment and hunting.
  • RHBPrommo - Specialist in trade marketing operations.
  • Temporários Online - Online platform for hiring temporary workers remotely. 
Stagio Propriedade Intelectual

Stagio Intellectual Property, for over 30 years, exists to Inspire and Guide to Develop a Prosperous Ecosystem, with the entrepreneur who seeks to protect their intellectual property assets (trademarks, patents, copyright) that is, protect their creations in a strategic, simple and reliable in Brazil and abroad.

Transforming ideas into wealth: Internet, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, robots, globalization, new technologies that change people's lives, the way of doing things and to conquer the increasingly competitive market, here are the challenges regarding the protection of intellectual property, personal and corporate data. To overcome these challenges Stagio invests and values human capital, our greatest asset, which constantly seeks knowledge and expertise to deliver the best strategies for protection and valuation of Intellectual Property of those who believe and invest in innovation to build the future.

Our connection is directly linked to people who seek involvement and security, we guide our clients in a unique way through a human, creative, bold and specialized team in Intellectual Property. We do our work with a systemic look that interweaves the client's wishes to our strategy of protection and enhancement of their intellectual creations.


Werner is an advisory and intermediation company based in Santa Catarina, which operates in the Corporate Real Estate, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Funding market.

Its portfolio includes more than 200 operations carried out in 20 years of proven experience and concrete results.

XPM Logística

Since 2007, we have worked to bring innovation and technology to the logistics sector, in order to optimize processes and facilitate our customers' daily lives.

Headquartered in Joinville-SC and branch in Barueri-SP, we work with national and multinational companies. We are specialists in logistics and storage in the health care sector and various industrial segments.

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